Calming and Focus with Weighted Therapy

A true innovation, weighted therapy has helped millions of children out there, thanks to the deep pressure and guaranteed sensory integration. Weighted blankets are amongst the most popular products recommended for such purposes, being highly efficient. They are made from comfortable fabrics, and are offered at genuinely affordable prices. Parents and therapists also have the opportunity to purchase weighted vests, blankets, or other clothing to assist them at home or in therapy.

One of the most interesting examples that could be given is represented by the weighted cap. This rather unique product has been designed with concepts such as deep pressure and sensory integration in mind. As for weighted vests, these are believed to be just perfect when it comes to providing sensory input. Children love wearing these vests, especially since they keep them warm and look so fantastic. Thanks to the special design, they are not conscious of the weights and they can play freely. The weights can be remove or added, depending of course on the comfort of the child and the desired sensory input.

Returning to weighted therapy, you have to be aware that weighted vests and blankets are not the only items recommended by specialists. Online, one can also find compression shorts and additional weights for the vest. There are special vests presented by virtual stores, providing proprioceptive input through the deep pressure. These vests come in different sizes and colors, being quite comfortable and easy to remove. Shoulder lizards, weighted comforters and lap pads come to complete the list for available weighted therapy products.

What are the benefits of weighted vests and blankets, apart from the ones that were already mentioned? These products are designed to increase stability and body awareness at the same time, allowing for the child to develop normally. Recognized for their beneficial properties, weighted blankets and vests have been recommended to children who suffer from autism, Angelman syndrome or cerebral palsy. ADHD patients, children with Down syndrome and Dyslexia have benefitted from them as well. It seems that there are many disabilities and medical conditions out there that can be improved through weighted therapy, including sensory integration disorder, Prader-Willi syndrome and sensory processing disorder.

As a parent, you have to be interested in the things that help your child. As a parent of a child with special needs, you have to be more than interested in such products. By providing deep pressure, they assist the child in regaining lost functions and prevent existent ones from deteriorating to the level where there is nothing left to be done. Weighted therapy products are effective indeed, providing specialized assistance for children with serious sensory needs. They ensure sensory integration, which is one of the most desirable objectives physical and occupational therapists bring into the picture.

It would take a long time to mention all the benefits of weighted therapy products, but a few have to be mentioned for everyone to remember. Products like weighted vests have had a positive effect on coordination, focus and concentration. Weighted blankets have been recognized as being efficient on reducing agitation; the deep pressure provided being the secret ingredient that led to successful usage. Such products have been successfully introduced in occupational therapy programs but also used in sessions with physical and behavioral therapists. They can be used in the family and during therapy, being more efficient than other courses of treatment. Not only do they help the child remain focused but they have a calming and soothing effect, demonstrating that sensory integration is indeed possible and not just a fact mentioned by the specialty books. From weighted vests to blankets and back to many other products, this therapy does seem to work wonders for children in need!

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Creative Entertainment Ideas for Babysitters

The more regularly you babysit, the harder it can get to come up with creative entertainment ideas for the kids. Even hide and seek, Twister, painting, and watching videos can get boring for both the kids and the babysitter.

To be the kids’ favourite babysitter, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve for both rainy days and warm summer days when going outside is an option.

Presents for Mum and Dad

All kids can be creative if given the opportunity and the materials. You don’t need to spend much money on props for this type of activity. Chances are the kids will already have most of what is needed at home. If not, just pop into your local stationery or arts and crafts store to purchase some basics: craft glue, coloured paper, stickers, glitter etc.

What really motivates kids to get creative is if you aim to please mum and dad when they get home. Impromptu gifts are a lovely surprise, and will also give you babysitter brownie points.

Easy projects include photo collages, paintings, cards, paper mache and dried pasta art.

New Skills

All of us boast a talent of some sort whether it’s an obvious one like singing or acting, or a more hidden one like writing poetry or gardening. Use your talent to entertain the kids.

If you’re a keen musician, either perform for the kids or learn some songs together. You could also create your own band. Build instruments out of household items such as bins, pots, brooms and alike. You can present the end result to mum and dad when they get home.

Gardening is a great thing to get the kids involved with, weather and parents permitting. Ask whether it would be ok to pot around with the kids, teaching them a bit about how to do weeding and how regularly to water the plants.

Science Experiments

Every child loves a bit of experimenting. It’s a great way to get them more interested in how the world works, as well as studying harder for the science-based subjects at school.

Science experiments don’t have to be complicated, and certainly don’t have to be dangerous. In some cases, all you need is a few common household items to demonstrate such phenomena as gravity, magnetism and more.

For example, a popular experiment is to create a fruit battery. This does, however, require a few extra bits and bobs, but if you can get your hands on them, the kids will have a great time, and will learn about electricity.

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Some of the Best Baby Presents That Make the Day of the Baby

Some of the most common gifts given are little children are baby diapers, baby bottles, cradles, dolls that are children friendly and other baby oriented gifts. These days there are very creative gifts such as nappy cakes, diaper bouquets and other creative things which not only look pretty while presenting but are also of a good use for the child in a practical manner. The nappy cakes are the most common gifts which are chosen as they come in different styles and are of a good use for the child.

Baby presents such as nappy cakes and diaper bouquets are some of the gifts which would be for a practical use for the child. The other gifts such as dolls and other playing items would just be an entertainment part for the children but the diaper cakes would be a benefit for the children in a practical way for the child. There are many people who are gifting things that can be of practical use. Gifts and presents are always like by people and the presents which can be of real use would always be appreciated. Baby gifts such as baby clothes, baby bouquets and other stuffs are very refreshing while some one gift’s and most of the gifts received have an advantage with them. There are different things which can be given for different age of children. For the newly born babies, the best gifts would include nappies, baby milk bottles, cradles, dolls, and other baby oriented things. For the elder children there are different gifts, such as for the girl child there are different gifts such as Barbie dolls, cooking gifts, children kitchen sets and other things which have got the girly thingy in them. For the boy child, there are different things such as video games, sportswear, sports kit, indoor games and other things which can be presented to the children.

During the baby shower, the expecting mother is showered with lots of gifts and if the child is born then the gifts that are showered are mostly baby presents. The best looking gift one can gift is the nappy cakes which are very famous and look different among the other gifts. Presents are just for the sake of expressing happiness and mostly the presents given during the baby shower come with the baby concept in them. Clothes are also among the top gifts which are given by most of the people. The baby clothes are very easy to grab as then come in free sizes and one need not spend time to figure out the best looking dress for the baby. Presents are always welcomed but presents with practical usage are mostly appreciated by the people.

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